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How to create your own ceramic pieces at home by TOOKA!

In this unique ceramic class you will learn how to create your own handmade ceramic pieces without a wheel, using only your hands and a few simple tools.

The course explains and shows the whole creating process from start to finish, including: 

-which materials to use
-where you can find them
-how to use them 
-firing process 
And more 

The course offers 8 full videos:

1. Which materials you need (clay, glazez, brushes, and more) where to buy them, how to use them, and how to store them.
2. How to make a ceramic plate.
3. How to make a ceramic bowl.
4. How to make a ceramic mug.
5. One painting/ glazing technique- painting background and adding drawings.
6. Second painting/ glazing technique- painting a precise drawing.
7. Third painting/ glazing technique- painting and adding clear glaze.
8. Firing process, what is a kiln (a ceramic oven) which one to use, how does it work. 

Course full price: 85 USD 

After purchasing you will get unlimited access to all the videos via email.

Full Online Ceramic Course

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  • Hi Maayan @tookaclay
    Thank you so much for creating your ceramic course!!! it's so worth the investment! it really is so well thought out, structured and clear so that even a beginner with almost zero experience like me can make a mug!! And my mug turned out so well using yout techniques! I've been able to jumpstart my pottery journey and learn so much in such a short span of time because of your videos, I know what materials to get and for what purpose. I've even gotten myself a pottery wheel.
    Thank you for patiently answering my questions as well!! Hope to ask you more when I have the time :)


    Hi Maayan! Just wanted to say I've finished watching your ceramics course and I really loved it! I've already made a few mugs and I love them!! I've always wanted to do it but didn't have a wheel and didn't know which materials I needed and where to start, and it was all so well explained! 


    Thank you so much for all the help!! Also wanted to say your course was amazing!!
    It was exactly what I needed to start making my own ceramics! I’m really glad I bought it ☺️

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